May 14, 2013

Marion Cotillard goes for a swim in Rust and Bone (2012)

When Stéphanie (Marion Cotillard) got her legs bitten off by a Killer Whale (!!1), she never would have expected to find a soul-mate in fellow tortured soul (and previously disregarded piece of trash / knight in off-white satin) Alain (Matthias Schoenaerts). But I guess it goes to show. For a woman who used her immaculate beauty to fuck with, belittle and cock-tease guys at bars up until the point where they would straight-up punch her in the fucking face, this dude did nothing more than step up and protect her. It was his job at the time, granted. He wanted that sweet pussy, granted. He didn't get none, due to her living with her abusive boyfriend. Granted?

It was just another night and she was acting like another (pretend high-end) bitch as usual. But perhaps there was a bit more to this guy than just wanting to F to teh UCK! He's got problems. She's got problems. He noticed something wrong, gave her his number and left. She kept it, and I guess that's an admirable slut feature, but she never called him while she was out taunting the crowds with her succulent titties. Though I guess getting your legs bitten off by ORCA and having everyone around you just fuckin' disappear with the quickness afterwards makes a once-hot chick totally desperate. Thus the white knight got that fateful call, a couple months after our dashing lady had been bed-ridden and without feets.

But our man remained the man that he is, whether right or wrong or both, and stayed true to himself no matter the case. He didn't treat her like a cripple. When he saw her again, for the first time it seemed, he treated her just like he had treated her that fateful night... and actually, a bit worse (if you're sentimental). Which is understandable! She was being totally narcissistic and had to be tamed somehow. But our guy here isn't perfect, far from it, and he's not an egotist, no way. He's attracted to this chick and things are weird all around no matter what, so he's just going to do what he does best and that's let the person around him be comfortable. Stéphanie has a bit of trouble (no pun) stepping into her new skin, but that doesn't stop Alain from not giving a fuck after she refuses to go into the ocean with him for a swim.

He goes anyways, after delivering a "psshh" before he struts off. When he comes back, Stéph comes to her senses and decides to go in for a dip. Once she gets in the water our hero lets her free and she waddles around while he goes back on the sand to get some rest. This is just one of the instances where Alain doesn't let her new found handicap get in her way or stop her from doing what she should be. It's a very admirable trait from a (disputably) not so admirable human being, and it's delivered with raw honesty and a positive attitude. All despite them not really knowing each other... yet. Both of these lost souls however suspect, or come to the realization rather, that they know each other a lot more than they let on. As an added convenience, both of them are deeply flawed individuals and as it turns out, they balance one another out in a raw, grimy and sadly euphoric sort of way.

Not to say that she was the only desperate one... they both are, obviously. That's what "life" does to a person. Especially a person who doesn't know what path they're on, should be and/or never will, which is everybody. But let us not dwell. There's a moral to this story I think, and that's to roll with the punches... and uh, Killer Whale bites(?) ...and just live your mundane life to the fullest. I suppose forming bonds is a rather difficult thing. Were we as humans meant to select another, provide and protect? Or were we made to run rampant and fuck everything that moves (or lays still for a while)? Little bit of both? Since the dawn of time, man has tried to have everything.

Years ago, I was told the story of a man who went around the world stealing rare pussy. For each precious pussy gathered his legend grew stronger. Everyone from each of the villages and towns nearby searched far and wide (no pun) for that missing pussy, but couldn't find it. One day, a small boy was wandering along by the river and found several dead bodies of hot chicks. It turns out that our rapist was just going around thrashing grrrls up and laying waste to their corpses in the lake. This man had no intention of collecting PYT's and displaying them for his own ego. He simply did not give a fuck. The point of the story Dear Reader, is that some guys just want to watch their cocks burn. I really only posted these pics for wet t-shirt nipple pics. Hope you enjoyed the words though. ;)

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