August 11, 2013

Mudfaced Bitch Mask WIP

This lovely piece of work is inbetween the stages of sketch and final product. If it's halfway done, more or less I couldn't really tell you as I never exactly plan how these things work out. All I've done so far outside of the initial sketch is lay down some hard lines. This sketch sat in a pile of papers for about eight months or more, and while I picked it up a few times I never really took to it as it was downright fucking ridiculous looking with huge bulbous teeth that covered about half of the face...

...but after downing a few bottles of Hoptimum, I took a liking to it and started fleshing things out. So far I like the way things are going with it. It reminds me of Burial Ground, Fulci's Zombie, Jason Voorhees and a Rotting Jack-O-Lantern. This is going to be part of my series entitled "Masks", which I have already been posting: Check it. If I ever get time you'll see some shading and coloring coming up next. I'm thinking of going with the whole Pumpkin look and giving this one oranges and browns. I'm figuring that the neck will be painted while the mask kinda just fits over the girl's head.

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