December 21, 2014

Bourbon County Vanilla Rye and Backyard Rye

Bourbon County Vanilla Rye - Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels with Mexican and Madagascar Vanilla Beans (2014)
Extremely Limited Release (Rotating)
22 fl. oz. / $23.99 USD / 13.8% ABV

About: "First brewed for the legendary festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer in Chicago, drinkers enjoyed this Bourbon County Variant so much we bottled it the next year (2010). People flocked to stores to get their hands on a bottle and have this one of a kind barrel aged stout. Over the past few years we have heard our fans express their love for this version and we are extremely proud to bring it back in 2014. This years version features a little twist of aging the stout in Rye Whiskey Barrels with a mix of Mexican and Madagascar vanilla beans! HOPS: Columbus / MALTS: 2-Row, Bonlander Munich, Chocolate, Caramel-60, Roasted Barley, Debittered Black."

Thoughts: Cracked the bottle cap and a first impression before even pouring this out and hot damn this is gonna be a doozy. This jet black sludge of a beer poured out with a slight fizz to it and left a chocolate brown head resembling a galaxy. The smell on this thing is absolutely fucking amazing! It's like a mix of cherry flavored brandy, ultra rich dark chocolate, and soft mocha. It's heavy. It's like moist chocolate cake and dripping wet vanilla ice cream.

Took my first gulp and talk about a mind blowing treat this is. Instantly regret not grabbing a second bottle... but no big deal. The vanilla in this is unreal! After I swallowed that first gulp it just exploded in with what I can only describe as the purest, most real representation of vanilla in a beer that I've ever experienced. The rye is there and it's just the right amount too. It brings a spiciness to it that blends with the hazy heat of the beer perfectly. It's strong and just a bit in your face, though not at all overbearing. That's two big draws for the beer already and the main ones at that since what was advertised has been delivered on troves. That by the way, was the first time I've ever actually used the word "troves" and it just came to me. I'm really shocked that there's no cherries in this, though, I guess it would be a little more tart if there really was. As things are it's absurdly malty, rich, and indulgent.

Vanilla Rye is silky smooth, nicely spiced, has a gentle bitterness to counteract the sweetness and overall is just an outstanding beer.

Bourbon County Backyard Rye - Stout Aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels with Mulberries, Boysenberries, and Marionberries (2013)
Extremely Limited Release (Rotating)
22 fl. oz. / $21.99 USD / 12.7% ABV

About: "Always on the lookout for the next thing they can throw in a barrel, our brewers actually looked no further than their own backyard for this release – literally. Inspired by the berries they remember first eating from the trees in their yards; this Bourbon County release is full of the dark, spicy, and pleasantly sweet flavors of mulberries, marionberries, and boysenberries. This trio of fruit nicely rounds out the spice and heat of the rye whiskey barrels in which they were aged, resulting in a smooth, jammy stout perfect for sipping on your back porch. HOPS: Willamette / MALTS: 2-Row, Munich, Chocolate, Caramel, Roast Barley, Debittered Black."

Thoughts: Backyard Rye poured a deep dark black with nary a head at all. A small bit of foam appeared during the pour but died down to a few planetary clouds in an instant. This smells pretty damn good! It's super sweet and sugary, there's a distinct rye characteristic that doesn't get all too heavy and then there's the barrel aging that simply makes the beer what it is. It's rich, indulgent, chocolaty and has a bit of an angelfood cake thing for it. It's like an evil motherfucking milkshake.

Damn that's smooth!!!1

I'm not usually one that's much into rye, but fucking hell it's laying down so perfectly at the exact right temperature here that it delivers the exact amount needed, and glorious would be the word to describe the sensation. It's soft, yet present, and overall while everything is strong, this beer is balanced to a degree of perfection. I didn't think that I would like it this much after I tried their barleywine, which I really didn't like, Though I love the original, no doubt about that. Something about that rye barrel aging here, is that it really works here with those berries. It clicks. It's in tune. Blended seamlessly. It's to put it bluntly, total fucking beauty. There's the sweetness, the flavor blast, the tingling, the pepper, the soothing fade, the absurd amount of aftertaste that lingers for years, and the overall sensation of just some slightly grim bliss.

Mouth is solid. It's fiery when cold and sticky as hell. Prepare to be pinched with each sip. This stuff is not only rugged but eloquent at the same time.


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