January 24, 2010

Soon: Drunken Robot Sex, Massive Toads Redux

Taking a quick look at what Sundance 2010 has to offer, which is not always an easy thing to do based on how they've got their website set up, I came across two new films that definitely got my brains tingling. Now, when you're a horror fiend like I, you over time sometimes get introduced and subsequently interested in other kinds of films... mysterious, and strange films. There's something beautiful about "horror" in the way it transcends labeling or genre. Say for instance, Experimental stop-motion animation films from around the world... while not all necessarily "horror", they can be downright frightening, exhilarating and quite simply, gross. Or as another example of horror: clowns.

A clown sat next to me on the bus about fourteen years ago. I don't know why. He got on the bus, and in my mind I'm thinking "Shit! This muthafucka's gonna come sit right next to me." Maybe because I'm casual gothic or something, but he walked on then looked down each isle, and when he spotted me he got that look on his face. You know, the kind where they're like "Oh hey, I should go start up a chat with this fellow." Pretty much making me now the second weirdest dude on this bus, he strolls on over and sits down. I've got my eyes straight forward, practicing avoidance, unblinking, watching the last bit of hope that this dude won't bother me wave goodbye as the bus closes its doors. Out of the corner of my eye, he turns to me and begins to open his mouth. Before he could even utter a single sound, I looked his way and delivered a T-1000esqe "Don't!" He turned back, and the next stop, I quickly exited. Now, I know that isn't exactly a horror story, but when I look back on it, it's more depressing than anything. Because this poor bastard not only had to work as a clown (at least I hope he didn't choose the profession - shudder at the thought!), but he also had to take the bus to and from his gigs. Oh well, he probably lost his license drinking and driving...

Which brings me to: ABSOLUT Vodka and Spike Jonze (Where The Wild Things Are, Various Music Videos) have teamed up (they've given him major artistic freedom and money, and probably Vodka) to make a short film that he wanted to... and the result is I'M HERE (Official Site). A love story about two Robots, who not only get f'n Thrashed mann... but also, have steamy lovemaking (tab A, slot B). Watch the trailer for this on the official website, and make sure you click Fullscreen. It's looks pretty damn cool, and I'm really looking forward to seeing this since I really 1) Love Vodka. 2) Think Robots kick major ass, and 3) Am a sucker for luv stories... and besides, what's scarier than a love story huh? Plus I mean, the guy does good work. Here's the Sundance Page with Showtimes.

Looking up info on this film, something else caught me completely by surprise. Mark Lewis, creator of the sweet-ass 1988 documentary film Cane Toads: An Unnatural History, has made a F'n Sequel! I know... even I was dumbfounded and shocked! Not to mention, horny as a... and this new film, Cane Toads: The Conquest, is apparently going to be in glorious 3-D!!1 After the first film, where these toads would eat living mice, get their toady necrophilia on and were giving people the slimy LSD-effect trips of their lives, I can't wait to see what'll be "jumping out" at me this time around. This film is apparently "the first Australian digital 3D feature film" that'll let us get up close with these f'n gnarly monsters, from wherever in the world we are. Badass.

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