January 22, 2010

TF's: 1/22/10

Say hello to my six new friends. First up, the Japanese Encore #19 Cassette "Big Mission (3) Set"... Rumble, Frenzy, Laserbeak & Overkill. F'n Kick Ass! I really would have liked Ratbat to be included in this set instead of Overkill, as 'Kill fits it much better with the #17 Set with his counterpart. It seems out of place here. "Sadly," I also already own another Laserbeak from my Commemorative Edition Soundwave (also w/ Battle Ravage). But I mean, I'm hoping to get all the sets anyways (if I can) so I'm not exactly stressed. And just look at those Jets! That's the Japanese Encore #11 Skywarp and Thundercracker set. The drunken' bastards those two...
These sets are beautiful beyond fuckin' imaginable! It's almost a damn shame to even open them up and apply the stickers(for the jets). Looking upon a pure untouched Transformers sticker sheet is just a sploogeworthy occasion. But nah, fuck that, I’m gonna sticker em up. And it’s gonna be sweeeeeeeet. I got these from Big Bad Toy Store, a place that's been around for years and years before I got a little serious into collecting. Their shipping costs are pretty good compared to the other places too. I found both of these sets for lower prices at another online shop, and when I got the checkout, the price was actually about twelve dollars more than what I payed at BBTS w/ shipping, and they tried to charge me state tax. WTF? Yeah, this place doesn't pull that bullshit.

Looking at those pictures above, I'm live serious when I say they do no justice at all to the beauty of holding these in your hands. The jeans have been creamed... not that the stickers weren't sticky enough. Buy hey, whatareyagonnado? Once I get a good setting, more pictures will follow.

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