August 24, 2010

Project Playlist... is it safe!?

So I was up at something like four in the morning yesterday, way before work starts since I can't sleep (you know how it is, right?), and I did what I usually do: Jerk off, and view all of my favorite blogs. Not at the same time mind you, but my mind does drift sometimes so who knows. I clicked on one of my all time favorites, Cory's Crappy Cinema and I hit the shower before the page loaded, but when I came back I'm hearing this strange fucking music. I stop, and say to myself, that I recognize this music. Not only do I recognize it, but I'm rather fond of this tune. Why? Because it's HORROR movie music! You slick bastard.

Consider me tuned in. I've uploaded the torture device below.

1 comment:

Cory said...

Oh my god that was a trip. I of course follow your blog as well, and was just going through the lastest postings in Google reader and started to read yours, only to find out it was about my blog! Thanks for mentioning me, and saying that I'm one of your faves. It's hard to believe because I don't feel like I put nearly as much work into it as most of my peers, so thank you.
About playlist, I absolutely love it, but I think most people dont notice it because by the time my page has loaded they have read whatever post they wanted to and have moved on ^_^ I hope this gets some people to take a look at my playlist because I put a lot of hours into finding the music and building it up

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