May 13, 2012

Kate Beckinsale Wrapped in Plastic.

Behind the scenes of Contraband (2012). Here, Kate Beckinsale talks about her first day on the job, where she's welcomed to the set, covered in fake blood, wrapped in plastic and nearly buried alive! And not only is she totally cool with it, she has one hell of a time playing dead. Oddly hot?
You bet your burrito!

Too cute to bury? Is that even possible!!?

  She sure is cheerful about it all... like I said, that's oddly hot!
Don't give me any ideas Katie.

Another of the behind the scenes featurettes shows her doing Stunt Work with co-star Giovanni Ribisi as he manhandles her, and they share a few laughs between the violent altercations. 

That looks painful. But wait until she watches this movie... then she'll know what true pain is.

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