January 27, 2013

4 Gruesome Scenes from Demons (1985)

Welcome to another installment of Drunketh's Demons Coverage. I'm EEriEErik, your host from the West Coast. This time around I'm talking about what everyone came to see: some of that sweet meaty Gore!

1) Kathy births a Demon... OUT OF HER BACK!

Lamberto Bava's 1985 film Demons is pretty memorable in a lot of ways. For the most part, the movie as a whole is memorable in the way that it delivers such an insane amount of perplexing gruesomeness so fast and so ruthlessly. If the word Blitzkrieg were to ever epitomize a movie, it's this one! There's no fucking doubt about it, Demons is an all out assault on the senses. Violence flows like sweet Italian wine down the gullet, and things... well, things just happen to get mighty weird at times. It's not enough that the movie is already pretty weird from the get-go, but then some shit happens that'll completely destroy your mind. Which brings me to number one on this list.

Who in the hell could have ever expected this, you ask, and the answer my fiends is absolutely no-fucking-body! After Kathy becomes possessed by the Metropol theater and slowly changes into her fantastic new demon form, she lunges at her former friends and Kenny beats her down with a cheap dust-cover that Hannah's boyfriend left behind during their escape. Kenny had no other choice than to use this worthless prop as a weapon, but at least he was fast acting and laid her out. For a moment that is, as after Kathy fell to the floor she got onto her knees (aw yeahz!) and started quivering. That's when the startling revelation was made by George, who just happened to be staring at that sweet backside of hers.

"Look!... Look at Dat Ass!!1"

A blood-covered mini-demon bursts its way out of the poor horror-movie-hating chick's back, and man is he one fast charging motherfucker, as he just blazes a trail towards poor Ken and sinks those claws right into his chestorals. It's pretty bizarre, to me at least, as to why he'd beat the shit out of the metamorphosing tease he wanted to fuck, only to then just let their newly conceived love child do that sort of immediate damage. Perhaps it's all symbolism. Did I mention that this movie is filled with all sorts of fun and interesting symbolism if you're high enough? I haven't even... scratched ...the surface! Ha Ha Wow.

2) Carmen's Transformation.

Rosemary may have been the "first" to acquire the Demonic Virus of Brutal Transformation... but we as the viewer didn't get to see all too much from that erosive event, aside from some nasty acne squirtage! After we were treated to that bubble burst of acquired sexiness, Rosemary went off and hid in the stall like any normal transvestite hooker-turned Demon would do. That's when Carmen, the other not-as-wacky hooker, came into play. She was sent off by her ever-loving pimp to go find her sister of the night, and while she showed a bit of restraint opening that last stall door, she was indeed concerned.

The look of horror on her face tells all, as Rosemary is spewing a hell of a lot more jizz from her mouth than the usual cinema outing demands! Carmen goes running, but her newly evolved friend bursts out the fingernails an tears into her BFFF's neck. It couldn't have happened to a nicer girl too. So sad, but in reality these chicas were meant to be together forever and that includes spreading disease, whether it's from Hell or not. And if you're going to have a movie where a disease makes you ooze green pus from all over your body, it may as well be spread by a professional disease carrier.

Hang on, I nearly just vomited. Where was I? Oh right, so as it turns out whenever you become infected the first thing that always happens is a huge bubble forms on your body and explodes with massive amounts of nasty green pus. You gotta love it. Could you think of something more disgusting, more revolting to the human senses than pus? Wet, gooey, sometimes chunky, often times delicious. Well, if the pus doesn't bother you then I hope you're not sensitive to scenes involving dental trauma, fingernail carnage, wig peeling or eye violence!

"Son of a Bitch! Shit!" Claws sprout out of Carmen's previously human fingernails, her tongue extends to lizard-like lengths, and the best part of it all: her teeth are forced out of her skull by newly emerging Fangs!! Fuck yeah. Oh and it's one bloody affair too. The camera lingers on these fangs protruding and the blood gushing out of her gums while her old teeth drop away. It's some real freaky stuff and one of the best scenes in the movie. Just take a look at these shots. Very reminiscent of Nosferatu, I'd say. Is there any coincidence that there's a Nosferatu 1979 poster hanging in the Metropol's lobby? Hell no.

Carmen then rises up, her bloodlust raging out of control, and attacks the closest victim to her, which happens to be the mean old motherfucker with high blood pressure. And believe me when I tell you that his high blood pressure sure makes things messy... when Carmen tears his grumpy ass a new Goatse! The image below is sure to bring back some horrid memories of unsuspectingly browsing the netherwebs.

What has been seen, can never be unseen!

3) Rosemary Peels a Cap.

Look at those eyes in the background. Absolutely Horrifying!
Looks like a cover of a rap album to me.

When the threat of demons first breaks out, the people panic and start to scramble, though most of them do a pretty good job of staying together as a group. As long as they stick together there's a greater chance that nobody will get hurt, right? Probably not, but it's safer that way nonetheless. Or at least it feels that way. This little cutie in the blue dress however thinks she's smarter than everyone else apparently and decides to wander off on her own into a dark room.

Much to her chagrin the room is filled with nothing but old chairs and junk. While isolated in this strange and messy room, the rest of the people outside start screaming and running away. She of course goes to see why and winds up face to face with the Demonic Rosemary! She turns around and tries to escape (back into a room with no other exit points - dumbass) and ends up getting caught by the hair and scalped for her idiotic behavior. Now that's what I call a... hair raising scene. ;)

4) Rosemary rips a Blind man's Eyes out!

Blind guy, meet Rosemary. So here we've got Werner crouched down and grieving over the loss of his beautiful seeing eye dog Liz, when suddenly Rosemary shows up from behind and knocks the blue blockers right off of his fuckin' face. She then plunges her sharp crusty fingernails deep into his eye sockets and starts squeezing away. Come on! Was that really necessary? The fucking dude is already blind... and you're going to gouge his eyes out? Now that's just downright sadistic. 

Downright sadistic, and I'll have you know that I enjoy every twisted second of it! Lamberto Bava and Dario Argento must be some real sick bastards to think up having a blind guy going to a horror movie in the first place, but then have a demonic bitch rip his non working eyes out? Bravo! And I really like how you get to see it from the blind guy's perspective too. That was a really nice touch. Not to mention just so unusual, creative and totally demented

I guess he'll be seeing her... in hell!

Stay tuned Keep your eyes peeled for more Demons coverage, right here, on the site without sight Horror Movies and Brewskies. Up next: "The Lighter side of Demons". Why, doesn't that just sound absolutely fantastic. Until then...

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