January 5, 2013

Check out Nervosa's video for Masked Betrayer!

Get your mind off that new Texas Chainsaw 3D flick, with a song that could indeed remind you that you've been betrayed by the masked villain you've grown to love. Which really doesn't make sense all too much. You love Leatherface so much that once they give you a glimpse of the "goodness" that's in his heart, you rebel against it!? Leather hasn't always been "pure evil" anyways, so what's the fucking problem if he loves his hottie gothy kissin' cousin? His character here isn't really much of a stretch against what they've already done so far with the last six sequels, so why give so much of a fuck? Other than the script is full of bullshit that ruins everything. But what's the fun unless you're just a little bit ruined anyways!

Horror fans are a weird lot, aren't they?

Don't feel masterfully betrayed.

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