January 2, 2013

A few tantalizing shots of Paz Vega in Cat Run (2011)

Yeah, so Cat Run was a pretty weak movie. I didn't really go in expecting much, honestly I only rented it hoping to see Paz Vega's sexy boobs, but that didn't happen. Even though every other chick in the movie got naked, so you know, talk about frustrating huh? I can't stand it when the star of the show doesn't show the goods but the movie tags say "nudity" and "sexual situations" and it ends up being some other actress doing all the dirty work. Bogus!

Look at her, inserting that hard drive.

I've got something hard you can insert!

Paz Vega, you hot little tease you. Happy birthday lady.
But next time, let's see that birthday suit huh?!

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