April 30, 2014

The Stranger.

Feel the danger deep in your spine, as the stranger creeps up from behind
Snowblind with maniacal fury, visions blurry, speech is slurry and what's worse
Stranger's in no hurry, to hack and slash and get you buried with not a worry
And the Stranger don't wanna rush things, just wanna touch things
Bite down with bloody fangs and get his fingers bloody when he bangs
Licking off that sloppy clotted juice and there's no way he'd cut her loose
Stranger's obsessed and wants to make a mess all over your sexy chest
So go ahead and feel blessed, after all he chose you over all the rest

But we digress...

See I detested silence so much and now it's time to confess my LUST
As I spray over your sweet bust, now turn your cryin' ass around and show me that booty
I got a knife right here for you little cutie, and I wanna plunge it deep inside ya'
See I always felt that rage whenever I got behind ya'
All those times I watched you walk away, watched your ass sway
Got that fiendish desire to slay and if I may I'd like to play
A game where I carve your name into my flesh and for you I'll do the same
See the stranger loves too much and I guess that's what's to blame

The first time I saw you my heart stopped and I came, and now it's a shame I guess
That those firm titties and that sweet bouncy ass will be laid to rest :(
Of all the loves I've known yours truly was the best, outta my collection and to my recollection
You were the prettiest too and I'll also mention, I was hesitant at first but just like an infection
I was hit with an injection, of pure unadulterated lust, there was no way I could stop it, I just
Had to open you up one more time, it was a must...

Come here babygirl it's time to get nasty and rough, you may have played tough
To get and flirted a bit like there'd be no consequence, but what's this?
A bit of ignorance on your part, but I really took that whole "being a stranger" thing to heart
And this is as real as it gets, so don't try to cry or get mad or throw fits
Because it ain't working, but scream all you want to, that really gets me jerking
Off and to the next sickening idea of nightmarish afflictions
Your pain is my own personal drug, and it's feeding my addiction

Now as I run my bloody fingers through your long black hair
I dip my fingers in your wounds to show you that I care
And as you gaze back at me with that blank stare
I knew all along that we'd make a good pair
So I guess that it's fair, to say that I'm a stranger no more
Now that I've been inside and have had time to explore
Your sweet body as you lie naked on the floor
But I can't stop now, I'm addicted I need more!

- © Erik (D[runk]ethWiz{n}rd) (2011)

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