May 4, 2014

Bed springs.

Long black hair with red dyed roots, and always naked, she pranced around. I lustfully chased her down the hallway, and she played afraid for me. This one always knew how to turn me on. “No! Don’t get me.” she cried out as she ran into a corner of the next room. I pinned her against the wall and with a mischievous grin, began to touch things. Her tits, large pale double d's, with beautiful nipples and perfect in every way; and her body, a short 4' 10" and the slightest bit thick. I twirled my tongue around her mountainous red peaks as I slid my middle and index finger up inside her glistening hole. Wet, dripping and flowing, just as she always was! This succulent princess, my desire for her knew no bounds. I wanted to know her in life and death, in love and agony, in pleasure and pain. My right hand, now completely soaked, exploring her beautiful insides. I sucked the juices off of my fingers and then slid them back inside of her again. I held her tight as we stood there together, my thumb pointing upward towards her little round belly. This was always my favorite place to be, and I constantly held her there. It was like our own special version of holding hands. Trve love. She then laid down on my filthy bed.

We had been experimenting with LSD that night, both of us dropping multiple tabs. I sat on the edge of the bed and began caressing her with one of my many knives. I had taken it out after kissing her body, because I wanted to play with something else I found to be interesting. I touched it flat onto her lower belly, and she squirmed a bit. The steel was cold, I was sure of that. I could have warmed it up. I thought about it, but instead I played nice. I gently ran the sharp edge up her supple body and across her left cheek. I was so excitable back then that I didn't know what I could, or what I eventually would do. But there were shreds of this being which I have become, in me then. I held the knife high above my head and slammed it down beside her face. Through the mattress I heard the blade scrape against the coiled bed springs. Like a quick, dull scratch across a chalkboard with sort of a thumping pop sound. She didn't move at all. She didn't even flinch, but rather simply stared at me. Unblinking, and into my eyes she gazed. I could read all of her thoughts at that very moment despite her blank expression and unemotional reaction. She was terrified, yet horribly excited.

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Totally unrelated to this post but I have given your blog a Liebster award.

Feel free to change the questions as you see fit if you choose to participate. Thanks and keep up the great work!

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