May 16, 2014

Abhorrent Pleasures.

Light moans slowly formed into an array of silent screams, accompanied by a scratchy throat-wrenching gasping for air. This is where I find my solitude. I walk to and fro as my mind distorts beyond the limits of its shape, and I concentrate while in a state of unrest. Did I say unrest? I meant ingest. Incisive wailing! The young girl's cries engulf my forceful lusting of torment and power over. I press my thumb deep into her neck as I slap her twice across the face with front and then back of hand. Breathing convulsively, she pouts while spit drools down her lip. I send the back of her head into the wall, leaving a hole caved in the newly plastered sheetrock. Her eyes shut and lips clench. Little one's face scrunched up... she looks so adorable this way. I lean in and kiss her softly. Jugular wine. This abnormal thirst is nothing less than normal to me, in occurrence at least. 

Haunting vines that climb and dine upon the mind that’s ripe with binding curiosity and self-doubt. All the insecure ones leave me pathways up their courtyards, through their vineyards and into their flowing bittersweet rivers of crimson hue.

I knew a girl once like you, she danced with death through pumpkin gardens and as I watched my scythe it hardened. Blood flow. I wish to reap what you sow. Show me sadness, and a willingness to be taken away from this madness. This torturous life: a harbor for disastrous, emotionally crushing sorrows… I can show you another place it borrows from recesses deep, all the things which bring forth beauty in an agonizing weep. The grapes there only grow when from the sky, bloody tears of a sad and beautifully scarred girl rain down upon the soil. I toil in my garden path long hours to keep this rain and not let whither into raisins of wrath. Sad little girl, cry for me if for but just once I can lick the salty drip from your cheek. Meek darling I hold tight in my uncompromising grip, inherit my death on the tip of your lips and kiss it ardently. Now open wide and let it fill you.

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