May 30, 2014

Temporary Sanity.

There's a disease in my mind causing me severe mental anguish
Tryin' to explain it to ya it's like I'm speaking a foreign language
This life that I know is filled with self inflicted abuse
As I live in the bottle each day I tighten the noose
I got sharp knives hidden all over my bedroom and shit
A bottle of Goldschläger down my pants so that I can stay lit
And I've been known to throw fits after just a few hits
Watch as my head splits and all my fucking goo drips
So if time permits I'll go out and dip my stick
See I got that rapist wit and when I come with it
Find me a sexy bitch and squeeze her perky tits
Got eyes like slits when I go out stalking
Off that liquid support here's a dead man walking
And there ain't no stopping when I fuckin' quit talking
Take a look around see all the bodies dropping
If I don't wake up dead then you'll wake up screaming
Pesadillas nightmares that bad mojo dreaming
And I'm comin' to ya undead streamin', got a thick dick fulla semen
See your eyes gleamin', but I ain't no he-man
So don't get your hopes up... but uh yeah, it's time for your close-up
Motherfuckers call it a facial, and you know I like it interracial
Though we both got white skin I can make an exception
For it ain't nothing more than some deceptive perception
I like those white Spanish girls and I can't deny it
Got that lustful desire I can't fucking defy it
And I admit that I'm a bit hung up on this shit
Yeah, I might be a bit crazier than I like to admit
When I see a short blonde chica I fiend for blood!
Watch my black jeans flood just as I hit that bud
Draggin' her through the mud while she grasps for life
 Now I got her mouth open as I stick in my knife

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