May 30, 2014


"Do you believe in destiny?"
She looked upwards.

If the world ended time stood still and we were left just you and I
Would you run into my arms place your head upon my chest
Let me smell your hair and touch you there?
These are the things I desire:
Ceasing motion of all that is living, growing, and each which takes never giving
All swept aside!
The twilight never fades nor the setting of the sun becomes,
 A lonesome loathsome devil ravages the angel girl as she hums.
This is you, and this is I.
I need your caress and for you to have mine. 
I wish to be alone with you and you can come as well,
To delve into divine impurities of which the both of us shall dwell. 
To drink your blood and eat your flesh, 
Spread wide open unleash this bloody mess.
 I've never wanted anything, more than I've envisioned this!

Girl said nothing.
Not with mouth.

Let's travel we to faraway places where all things dissolve
And nothing leaves traces. Not a thing existing,
But the single moment then and when that is through, the next.
Indescribable future, without past and what comes after
Reflecting not upon any former thought or action,
But always on uncertain possibility.
I wish to simply make you, and with you,
To have everything that becomes from us fade into the never been.
A single everlasting pleasure of what could be.
Do not be afraid here my love simply take my hand,
I'll lead you through this garden slumber full of fruitful mystic wonders.
Have a bite. Let's reverse time and sink into this blackness dark,
A stark nothingness that is this journey we embark
We shall, we must!
I say it to be so, and what I say I shall realize.
You're going where I always have and been
To indulge yourself in cherished sin.
This is my calling. So it is yours now,
There is no denying the grace you feel falling.
Accept this fate of yours
And press your body upon mine for all time.

                                                                                                           Girl accepts.

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