March 13, 2011

Devilman: Fewture's Mecha-Terror Devilman

I probably don't have to tell you who Legendary artist Pushead is. But if you don't know then I guess the easiest way to conjure up a recollection would be to tell you that he pretty much designed the artwork for every single Metallica T-Shirt that's ever existed. So you've probably seen his work around at various malls or at an old metal concert held at an abandoned local airport. Recently, some of his artwork for that band Cocobat has been transitioned into Vinyl toys in Japan. His first two pieces of work for their album covers were heavily Devilman influenced as well. In 2002 he took that Devilman skull from the first one and redesigned it for this toy, released by Fewture Japan in their MECHA-TERROR collection. He designed a few different wind-up toys for this particular collection, including a Witch, Mummy and Evil Santa. All of the designs were sculpted by Toshimitsu Usui and were released in several Limited Edition versions with different paint apps for festivals.

I own the Regular Edition of the Devilman wind-up, which I bought for about 20$ at a local comic shop when it was first released. As well as the festival version and black & white version (I detest those), there was also a box set with a T-Shirt, Art Print, Special Color Version, and Sticker limited to 250 pieces. Oh how I love finding out about those once they're long gone... don't you? The packaging for this figure is one of the major draws, as it is really solid and well done. All of the artwork and design is just killer and that special clear plastic window on the back with the sticker on top is a supremely awesome touch. And if you're a sucker for childish Satanic humor, the toy is for all kids ages 6-66. Hehehehehe... As you can tell I've never opened mine so I can't tell you how fun the toy is, but oh well, it's looked damn good on my shelf for a long while now and that's what's made me happy I guess. I had a chance to own some of the other figures (and still do since some of them go for about ten bucks online), and if I ever get back into spending money on anything other than beer, maybe I just might. Wink! Feeling bored? Check out the Toypunks Vol. I Teaser. Looks like a pretty good doc. I especially like the part about the old gentleman who's been hand painting these Vinyl figures for the last Fifty Years!

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