September 11, 2011

Danzig: Bleeding Light T-Shirt

Here's a pic of my Officially Licensed Danzig t-shirt - known as "Jesus Bleeding Light" or "God Don't Like It". It was officially released in 1988 (or 1990?) and then in 1989 with the words "Summer 89'" underneath the back lettering.

"Hey let me help you off of that strange wooden contraption."

 Like much of his previous Misfits and SamHain record and promotional art, Glenn Danzig thought of the concept and designed this. One thing about Glenn as a designer is that he's always been talented with the artwork he creates, arranged or uses; often times utilizing bright and colorful motifs. This particular eye-catching, and some would say "controversial" collage, he was quite understandably proud of (as can be seen here in THIS INTERVIEW from the VHS of Danzig: The Videos, around the 1:05 mark.). 

Clowns scare God too.
Grinning with mischievous glee as he describes it, you can see Glenn obviously hamming it up in this dark and mysterious interview. Many people misunderstand Danzig's intentions when it comes to his words due to the black, cold image he developed early on and his often serious, dedicated tone. His playful and joking side is glaringly obvious to me, but he does what he can to make it as confusing as possible to anyone undeserving to be in on the fun of it all. And what's more fun than pissing people off? He's been intentionally trolling and even unintentionally pissing people off for years, but you know what? That's part of his fucked up charm.

I of course didn't buy this shirt in 88', 89', or even 90' as at the time that would make me roughly nine years old. Let's just say that I "found" it in my neighbor's mom's roommate's room when I was fifteen, and on that day God didn't like Me not liking the eighth commandment too much. And to think, my neighbor who I had known since I was four years old gave me shit about taking it. Even though he himself fuckin' tortured small animals, and he knew that I was a Danzig fiend... and on top of those two things, he didn't even really like the guy living there. The gall of that little bastard. I'm not the one that ripped my pet bunny's ear off, buried it quickly and then blamed it on the dog. But anyways.

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Anthony1138 said...

I've never seen that shirt before, but it's pretty awesome. Sounds like your friend was a sick little fuck. Kinda glad you got shirt, and he didn't.

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