November 7, 2012

Jacks Abbey Pumpkin Crop Lager

Jack's Abbey Pumpkin Crop Lager - Mom and Pop's Harvest Series (2012)
Brewed and Bottled by Jack's Abbey Brewing, in Framingham, MA. USA.
Autumn Seasonal  (First Year Beer)
16.9 fl. oz. / $2.99 USD / 5.5% ABV

About: "The 2012 harvest on our Mom & Pop’s farm was fruitful and this brew uses 100 fresh pumpkins and 40 organic squash. We prepared, cooked, and pureed all the gourds with the help of our friends at Carrie Anne’s Modern Diner. A blend of autumn spices adds to the intense pumpkin flavors. Uses locally grown Triticale from MA."

Thoughts: Pumpkin Crop Lager poured a supremely hazy and dark burnt amber / blood orange color with a massive slightly raspberry colored head. Hey, I write what I see. That doesn't mean I don't "see things."

The scent is pretty outstanding for something described as a "lager". There's a heavy malt flow which is sweet and savory when mixed with those pumpkins, and a ton of spice that doesn't smell over-spiced. If you know what I mean? It's a bit earthy with a dominating nutmeg aspect. Nicely done, I'd say.

First gulp was embedded with a spicy sweetness. It's rich and savory. There's a quick explosion blast. It leaves a bit of a sugar cookie type aftertaste. There's a hint of ginger, and it's toasty like bread so it gives off this gingerbread man type vibe. It's really flavorful - not extreme - but, it's good. Once swallowed, the tastes pretty much all go away. It tastes good though.

Mouth feel is smooth as all hell. And, just a little sticky.

I got "No Problemo" (no hay problema?) with this one. It's mild, yet flavorful, tastes good and it's not offensive. So why not. Note: I reviewed this about three weeks to a month before I did the Sam Adams Gingerbread Stout by the way... only this one I had written while watching "Tale of a Vampire" so I didn't post it until now.  So the whole "gingerbread" thing was not more than subconscious.

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