April 30, 2013

Fright Rags KILL Destroyers T-Shirt!

I wonder what came in the mail today? Awwwwwww yeahz. Take a look at that. Would you just look at it?! It's been a while since I pre-ordered anything, let alone a T-Shirt, but I just had to have this colorful piece of yarn on a drunken whim. I'm not much of a KISS fan, but I do dig their cover art and this was just a really funny idea for a shirt. And just check out how fabulously gay Mr. Voorhees looks there! Gotta luv it. And don't get me started on the placement of Chuck's blade. Hehehe...

Also included were these freebies: A totally killer American Werewolf sticker(!), a Large Marge "Fright Film Facts" card and of course like always, a WarHead. I love the bonuses that Fright Rags give out, especially when it's a sticker. Stickers rule. Thanks dudes! 

As always: Click on both images to see the large (marge) versions.

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