June 11, 2013

Emilia Clarke gets Manhandled in Game of Thrones (2011)

When Daenerys Targaryen got basically bent over and sold to Khal Drogo by her totally gay brother Viserys, she was petrified at the thought of this monstrous looking fucker completely ravaging her with his dominating rage-filled lust and muscular physique. ;) After all, this scary looking bastard is a brute savage and could easily just rip her beautiful head off during violent sex. One can only hope to see such things, right?

Vaginal Viserys walks his sexy sister out to The Great One and parades her soft supple titty-nipples up as an offering of "good faith" to ensure a deal that he will hopefully soon become a King among peasants, with Drogo's powerful reinforcements of course. "You get to rape my sister daily and forever, as long as you help me conquer the land" is pretty much what the fuck this frilly fool's plan is. Khal Drogo knows what's up, of course, but this man is not one to pass up the most easily breakable deal of a lifetime... especially when it's all in his favor. 

Don't look so shocked honey-pie! 
I wear make-up too.

Blondie's brother however, would have never expected the golden shower crown of cum he'd receive at the end of it all. But man was I glad to see that prissy little shit get halo'd. Dude really pissed me off hardcore. If that was my sister I never would have done what he did! Fuck, I would have kept her all to myself to molest. But whatever, I relate more with Khal anyways. At least when it comes to being a scary ass motherfucker who doesn't talk and likes to be scary and not talk with horrified hotties standing around being horrified and hot that is.

So then we come to the good part. The sun is setting on their wedding night, and man is it one f'n romantic scene. They're standing at the ocean, the two of them alone, and things start getting hot n' heavy. The little blonde girl is crying, just the way I like it, and the animalistic predator is circling her like prey to be feasted upon! Now... If you feel an intense and crushing sexual wetness down below, just take a second to realize that this only means that you are a sane human being.

Though the scene cuts short unfortunately at around the moment Beast restrains the Beauty's arms and holds her tightly by the neck, it was still rather gratifying in mine eyes as I felt these moments more than worthy to post upon my humble blog. This kind of stuff is what I'm all about. I'll leave you now with a final image of what I consider to be the sexiest out of the whole post. Check that out! If that doesn't tickle your junk then you're not in the same realm mentally as your old pal Drunketh.

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