June 30, 2013

Just drinking beers and collecting badges.

Two Beer Porn posts in a row?! So much for "cutting back" I guess. It's been an up and down week for me let me tell you. Just this last Friday night I lost a member of the glass collection. :( That's right, one of my nephew's Toy Story sippy cups toppled over from the cupboard and fell right on top of my just-used Ommegang chalice, shattering it at the base of the stem. It was a horrible sight to behold indeed. I didn't take any photos of the catastrophe, and that's probably all for the better as nobody wants to see that and I sure as hell don't feel like reliving the nausea. At least the glass was empty at the time and not full of the Stone's RuinTen I had been drinking. If that were the case I would have probably let out a scream similar to the one Night Owl 2 howled when Rorschach got popped.

Aside from drinking some of the best beers in the world recently, I actually have been drinking a lot less in an effort to get back into shape, spend time with my little gremlin and remember what I ate for dinner last night. After all, looking in the garbage can to find out what you opened and cooked the night before probably isn't a good sign. But hey, let's focus on something more positive huh? Like getting new badges on my Untappd account! See those two beers on the right there? Just some standard Founder's IPAs that I haven't tried yet. All of the other qualifying beers on the list to earn this badge I've already drank, so I figured this one will be two brews closer to my 500 mark and this really cool Top Hat with Hops badge. Fuck yeahz.

But aside from alcoholic unlocks, the real prizes are in the middle of that photo up there.
I'm quite excited about my newest acquisitions.

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