April 8, 2012

Three months until G.I.Joe: Retaliation... and I can't wait!


Despite its flaws, I absolutely love The Rise of Cobra. Unlike the first Transformers film, that after I had seen it left a horrible taste in my mouth, G.I.Joe was a f'n blast! I think it's great that this new movie will feature pretty much a new team of Joes. While I am severely disappointed that Rachel Nichols wont be back as Scarlett or Sienna Miller as Baroness, I fully embrace the total hotness of Adrianne Palicki as lady J. I'm a fan of The Rock so I can get behind that, and it's OK that Bruce Willis will be the original Joe. I understand that it's not necessary his greatness JGL to come back as Commander since his face won't be visible, so no worries there. The important things really are that Cobra Commander is back in badass and masked form(!), Storm Shadow is back and we get some villainous Firefly action.

All the trailers elude to most of the Joes being killed off and that's the major point of my disgruntledness. Aside from no Scarlett or Baroness. Most of the info and rumors surrounding this film from day 1 has been super secretive. Even in the trailer it doesn't show the original team of Joes getting killed, in fact, Duke is on a mission with the newer Joes at the time. I really hope that Scarlett hasn't been killed off in the sequel, at least to hold out the hope that she'll be in the third. I really couldn't care less about the other Joes, but man, these guys are fucking with my Scarlett and Baroness addictions! Settle down Drunketh... with so many things being kept under wraps, I figure that anything is possible. Where's Destro? We'll see I guess.

Oh, yes!!1

The director (Jon Chu, Step U 2: The Streets, Step Up 3D) has stated that this isn't the same Cobra Commander. What in the fuck does that mean? Looking at all of the trailers, most feature all the same footage and there's really very little of the film in there so you never know where this is headed or how it'll be played out. No matter, the fact is I'm still excited as hell and this movie looks like it's going to rock the fuckin' socks off. Yes, I am psyched. Oh, almost forgot to mention Jinx. Ever since the original cartoon movie I've had a thing for Jinx. She's hot! You've all probably seen the Premier trailer for the film that's been viewed some eight and a half million times, so here's a couple International Trailers with previously unseen footage:

...and a Daytona 500 spot:

Just two more long ass months until we get Back 2 Revenge. Argh!

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Aaron said...

I'm super excited for this one too even though I didn't like the first, mainly because this one's actually gonna have Cobra Commander in it. The Rock is a plus too.

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