April 15, 2012

Favorite Death Scenes Part 4

Cut to a scene where this lovely, black haired woman named Tina gets dropped off by her date. They say their I love you's and their goodbyes before she enters her locked apartment building.

And what an apartment complex it is! Holy shit, look at this place.

Of course, the elevator lift isn't working tonight and she's forced to use the stairs. She proceeds to ascend the triangular stairway when suddenly... the light goes off upstairs. Uh oh!

She lights a few matches and keeps going up. The music here is really creepy and atmospheric, with lots of heavy breathing and fiendish lalala's.

She makes her way to the next loft door when suddenly, she is struck in the back of the head(!) from behind.

She gasps and whimpers as the mysterious black gloved killer slowly pulls out a straight razor!!

The killer quickly and ruthlessly slashes away at the woman's arm and face...

The mysterious figure in black slashes the girl eleven times in about four seconds total, before raising the straight razor high above, and delivering one final slash. Blood spatters unto the floor.

You may be asking yourself, "Why this one? There are far better death scenes in Argento's films." Precisely the point I direct you towards this scene. Blink and you'll miss it! And I don't think this scene deserves to be missed. Dario Argento's straight razor deaths have gotten more brutal over time, but there's no denying the one that started it all. 

A little note about this entry: There were about three to five promotional pictures from this scene that have been printed on various lobby cards and posters throughout the world. These pictures are very visually stimulating (to me at least) and don't appear in the actual film. While this disappoints me greatly (as I had viewed these photos before ever seeing the film long ago), I still love this scene. While I wish it could have been longer, given time to savor the kill with these "missing scenes" intact, I still like how furious and sudden it is.

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Anthony1138 said...

Gotta respect Argeno's original straight razor death scene. A true classic. That first promo photo is fantastic. The look on her face is perfect. I really would love to see those "missing scenes", if they were ever filmed in motion.

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