September 2, 2012

Woodchuck Spring Hard Cider

Woodchuck Spring Hard Cider (2012)
Spring Seasonal
12 fl. oz. / $0.75 USD / 5% ABV

About: "Warm days and cold nights will make the sap flow in the woods (Tehehe), but keeping the cider flowing in your fridge is up to you. Start with our spring cider - the taste and aroma of fresh maple syrup and brown sugar will make you think you're sitting in a warm sugarhouse in the Vermont countryside."

Thoughts: I got this in a Mystery 6-Pack of beer stapled inside of a brown paper bag. Figured what the hell!

The Cider poured a completely transparent, nearly clear liquid with only the slightest hint of a yellowish green. A sliver of white bubbles held strong for about a minute from my viscious downward pour.

The smell of this is a perfectly balanced half and half mix of maple syrup and hard cider. Though the scent isn't very robust, it's enjoyable for the sour drink.

That little bit of sour in the scent gets completely lost in a gentle sweetness that immediately creeps in and languishes. The maple syrup flavor in this is off the charts good. The sweetness from that contributing factor as well as the brown sugar adds another layer on top of the sweet and sour apple flavors, ending in a doubly sweet cider with an almost unnoticeable hint of tang. The flavors are strong, but don't overpower at all, nor are they sickeningly sweet as to ruin everything. This is a very flavorful drink, yet at the same time quite mellow.

Mouthfeel is watery for the most part, and only slightly sticky at the end of it all.

I haven't had a lot of Hard Ciders in my life, but so far this would have to be the best I've ever drank. I'm always looking for Maple Syrup in beers and most of the time they've dissapointed me. This Cider however, was very surprising, especially as I had not read the label beforehand. I did not expect maple syrup at all. What a pleasant treat... and hey, this stuff must be selling well since there were not one but two bottles in the ? bag. 


J.M. said...

Ahh, yeah Woodchuck. Always great stuff from these guys.

DrunkethWizerd said...

I'm not into cider too much due to the high ass carbs, but this shit blew me away! Tasted amazing both (blind buy) bottles.

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