October 14, 2012


Read 'em n' Weep boyzzz...

Click the pic to see it light up your screen.
Went on a couple road trips and just happened to find exactly what I wanted! I'm pretty fucking excited too.

Pictured: 21'st Amendment MONK'S BLOOD (Saving), Avery Rumpkin (18% Rum Barrel Aged)Cisco Brewers Pumple Drumkin, Dogfish Head Burton Batton (Saving), Dogfish Head Midas Touch (Saving), Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron (Saving), Firestone 15'th Anniversary Ale, Firestone Sucuba, Founder's Breakfast Stout, Founder's Cerise (drank), Goose Island Harvest Ale, Ipswich Harvest Ale, Jack's Abbey Pumpkin Crop Lager, Rogue 'John John' Dead Guy Ale (Aged in Whiskey Barrels), Sixpoint Autumnation, Sierra Nevada Bigfoot (x2) (Saving), Sierra Nevada / Russian River BRUX, Southern Tier Oak Aged BackBurner, Southern Tier Harvest, Uinta Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin AleWeyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale, and Woodstock Inn Autumn Ale Brew.

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Anthony1138 said...

I am feeling extremely jealous right now.

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