October 14, 2012

Berkshire Brewing Oktoberfest Lager

Berkshire Brewing Oktoberfest Lager (2012)
Autumn Seasonal (Limited Release).
22 fl. oz. / $4.39 USD / 6.8 ABV??

About: "Aged for months prior to release, this Marzen-style lager is brewed using German hops and yeasts, true to tradition. Its orange-amber hue reminds us of the fall foliage that accompanies the season, and its elegant and complex malt structure produces a smooth, drinkable brew. It finishes with hints of spice and a subtle hop flavor, just enough to entice you to have another."

Thoughts: BBC Oktoberfest poured a deep and hazy honey orange color with abundant carbonation and a large fluffy head that eventually died down to a half inch thick slightly yellowed top that stuck around.

It's got a very distinct and spicy scent to it. Noble hops and yeast are prominent, as it smells a bit like a German Pilsner, but there's also a thick haze from those heavy malts that are very rich and even a little sweet. It's a little toasty, and a bit hard to describe the dimensions - almost like a fruity bread but not really, but it's very robust.

Taste is a severe blast of malts that flood around the tongue. Like a peppery semi-cooked sourdough bread. There's a ton of spice in here and flavor bursts all over the place. Little bits of leafy and grassy hops pop and tingle after the swallow and breath in. Somewhat chalky after a short while, but the aftertaste is very clean.

This beer is smooth as hell. Little heavy, and even pretty frothy... but it goes down smooth.

After a while this one is just a tad too sour. Mix that with the extreme peppery aspect of it and it's pretty rough around the edges. The hops gather and linger a bit around the end of the bottle. Still, it's got a pleasant (if somewhat overwhelming) taste, and as I said the finish is clean. I'd say try it.

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