December 4, 2010

Behold... Predaking!

Hello fellow nerdlings. And gaze upon my newest prize. I treated myself this year because hell, I'm worth it, right? Yesterday this arrived in the mail, the 25th anniversary box set 2010 Takara reissue Predaking! All hailz. Sure, it set me back about 190$, but I've been wanting this guy for about ten years since I first laid eyes on an actual one in person. But back then for the original version, out of box, with sticker wear and who knows what other problems, it was going for around 400-600$. One day, I would have my own. That day is now, and that time is also now.

Predaking (right) with King Poseidon (left) and bottle of Viper (middle).
This version of Predaking comes with signature old school Die Cast Metal components, and man is he a heavy son of a bitch! It's like picking up a gallon of milk. Well maybe that doesn't sound heavy, but this fucker is massive! Combining of five Predacons: Tantrum, Headstrong, Divebomb, Rampage and the team leader Razorclaw, Predaking developed a strong fanbase after his original release and has always been highly coveted and desired by virgins and nerds alike. This version also gets rid of the yellow plastic in favor of majestic Gold. You could argue all day long, Pizza or Chinese, Big Mac or Whopper, eat and gain weight or buy toys and get thin... but there's no argument, that Predaking is the grand trophy of any basement dwelling collection.

From his bio: "Weaknesses: Predaking has no known weaknesses." Ha... I love that.

Welcome to Transformers 2010! New Artwork.

The back of the box. Featuring bios and release information.

What's in the box!?!

Look at those sticker sheets. Talk about fucking beautiful huh?
It's almost a damn shame to peel them off and apply them.
The Predacons in their beast forms.


J. Astro said...

That is truly mighty. I'm a classic 'Devastator' man, m'self, but I've also always had a soft-spot for the idea of all the combiners. Congrats on your find.

Tets said...

He looks so sexy with all his gold and black. Well worth the $$ in my humble opinion!

robert said...

i got really obsessed to transformers and it made me really interested to collect transformers stuffs, especially predaking! so i ordered this one last month from
Private Import Japan and it's really worth spending for.

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