December 19, 2010

Requiem pour un Vampire Screenshots Part 3

Furry blanket or not, those stone pillows are a bitch in the morning.
I actually get this look a lot at chicks from the pub. Strange.

The past is gone, it went by like dusk to dawn.

Now enjoy your day at the beach!

Talk about an attention whore huh? Right after this she took her shirt off.

You are the first will be my last...

Looks like she finally found that ketchup.

This really should have been a slow motion scene to some hip, trendy music.

Buffy gets slutty.

I used to ask my ex-girlfriend that all the time.

Yeah right, like if you could do it over again it wouldn't be the same result!

Empty and Alone the only thing that's real!

Well, hope you dig screenshots. I may do another post on this DVD release. Or there will be more to come regarding the Encore editions of Jean Rollin's fine and wonderful films. Thanks for viewing, and/or commenting ya bunch of weirdos. 

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