December 23, 2012

And I'm getting closer than I ever thought I might!

I've always loved the fucked up dynamics when it comes to the relationship between Sookie and Eric. There's so much going on, so much anger and disgust, passion and lust, coldness, stubbornness, desire and angst. And if you would believe it to be, perhaps even a bit of love. Though I enjoyed Bill and Sookie in the first season and even cheered on their bloody fuck sessions, once Eric started getting more and more creepish on the sexy blonde young lass I felt myself watering at the fangs. 

When Eric tells Sookie that he's leaving forever, never to bother her again or be a burden, she has a "change of heart" and just can't stand the thought (or feeling) of being without him.

The man she once hated with a vengeance, yet secretly always desired ( and along with the aid of a little blood transaction that will always connected the two forever!), Sookie finally invites Eric inside.

Like, "Inside Inside!" :o

E-Gah! Way to interrupt the romance with some gruesome horror and drama. What the fuck dude.

And oh yes, there will be nudes. Stay tunes ya fuckin' perverts.

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