December 19, 2012

Will she suffer eternally... or internally?

I had three major crushes as a kid. Soleil Moon Frye, Anna Chlumsky, and of course, Anna Paquin. Oh, and Christina Ricci... and Tiffany Brisette as well too. Cuz I love me some Robot Bitch. It's hard to get crushes these days with the way things are going in mainstream horrorwood, and not to mention I'm old as all fuck now. 

Older as fuck radio DJ's all over the planet are linking pics to Selena Gomez's straight up the cameltoe bikini pics (is that old news, I don't get out much?) and I couldn't be more than a little disgusted and genuinely intrigued. Remember when these girls were girls you'd love to love, as opposed to how the media presents them now, as girls you've love to fuck and strangle to death at the same time?

It's a sick world we live in, but I can take comfort in the fact that these girls I loved as a kid, are now my age and get totally naked all the time. Well, not all of them. I'm pretty sure My Girl, Punky and TALK LIKE A ROBOT haven't gone nude, but I could be wrong. Christina Ricci chose the path of the boobs, and for that I thank her.

Fucking sexy Anna Paquin. 

You wouldn't believe how I thank her, and probably don't want to know details. Anna Paquin though, you dirty little little... constantly nakey and fucked by vampires. Sookie is such a slut! You gotta love that. Yeah. I think you gotta love that.

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