January 22, 2012

Fiore Argento in Demons... Continued (1985)

So where were we? Oh yes, untimely bloodshed! Mauahaha...

Oh! How unfortunate.
After Tony the Pimp stabs this one demonic sum-bitch and throws him over the balcony, where's he land but right on top of poor frightened Hannah. This guy literally oozes blood all over this chick. It gets all over her face, in her mouth, drenches her clothes and leaves her a hot mess.

Yeah, I'd be grossed out too if some nasty fucker bled all over me.
Judging by that reaction, Tommy must not be that well hung.
After a double dose of fright, Hannah proceeds to get the fuck out of there. Albeit, rather cautiously.

She ends up running right back into the arms of her lost love, Tom. The two of them share an intimate moment before pointing out to each other that the other one seems to be bleeding.

"Don't worry... it's not my blood."
"It's nothing, it's just a scratch."
The two scar crossed lovers find an escape route in an air shaft and start crawling their way to freedom from the demons. Tom keeps hearing scratching noises behind him and worries for Hannah's saftey. At a corner he tells her to get in front (how romantic)... but as they continue to crawl through the tight space, now the scratching seems to be coming from in front of them! That's strange. Or as Tom puts it, "That's impossibru!"

"We're gonna make it. This was a great idea! Te-he-he."
*Scratch Scratch*

*sigh* Young love. Hannah kept rather quiet during her transformation into a Demon, which is strange. Perhaps it's because she simply ingested blood, but until the end of it all, you wouldn't have known. She began acting weird after being bled all over. Instead of escaping with Tom, she desperately wanted to join the others (Why? For more potential victims?). And once inside the enclosed shaft space, where Tom had no possible chance of making it away from her alive, she urged him to go on despite the strange scratching noise. Evil bitch.


Aaron said...

Funny that you've been posting about Fiore Argento as of late... I tried to contact her somewhat recently about a possible interview, but she never replied.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Hmm. She's probably too busy designing clothes for hot supermodels and checking out her own hot ass flesh in the mirror, all while masturbating furiously while clicking between our blogs!

Aaron said...

Most likely!

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