January 14, 2012


When you write something so utterly terrible and fucked up, people figure you insane, you get locked away and are eventually powerless over what has become the rest of your horrified inescapable consciousness... who was really to blame!? Your brain? Or something else entirely...?

This is a piece of semi-abstract art that I did back in (2003) entitled PEN. This pencil drawing happened out of pure nothingness (per usual), but I've kept it for these years and often wondered as to what it meant. Perhaps the pen itself is a demon that speaks the mind while the writer simply goes along. The madness behind the writing was my forgone conclusion...

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Anthony1138 said...

Wow dude, that's pretty badass. I love the idea of a demonic pen possessing it's owner. It would make for a great Horror film, something along the lines Fulci's Cat in the Brain. The writer is haunted by his work and stories in the paper of real life murders. Unable to tell reality from fiction, he's convinced that his pen is making him kill. Is he cracking up, or is his pen really possessing him to bring his books to life?

Great work, man.

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