January 7, 2012


Jinmen (2008, Pencil, Colored Pencil, Watercolor Pencil, Pen, and Silver Spider Writer on 80# Rose Quartz Passport Cover Paper). Jinmen, a character from Go Nagai's Devilman series, is a Demonic Tortoise who devours souls and keeps the faces of those he's acquired unto the back of his shell. He's a cackling, sarcastic and repetitive son of a bitch who in the OAV, tormented Akira and kept him from getting murderous (for a short while at least) since his mother's soul was trapped in that gruesome shell.

Jinmen's fate for fucking with Devilman was rewarded with extreme brutality and dismemberment. What the fuck did you expect? Though, the battle left Akira slightly traumatized, yet relieved that his mother's soul was finally at rest.


Aylmer said...

Hey man, been checking out your art, good stuff! I like the giallo/slasher inspired stuff and the Stage Fright/Delirum drawing. Nice linework on the chickenscratch one too. BTW, added you to my blog list.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Hey thanks man. Much appreciated. The Stage Fright/Delirium art is pretty rockin' I thought. Under appreciated though. Think I'll put it on a t-shirt someday.

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