March 6, 2012

Brain Lo Mein.

My eyes are glossed, I'm Sauced... Gotta hit that bottle, No matter the cost!
My mind is lost and my soul's afflicted, No need for a brainscan I know I'm addicted
When you see my body meltin' you know the deal...
I just swallowed Three Perks and downed all my NyQuil!
That's how I get my thrills... I don't wanna feel this pain
Just sever my brainstem, I don't wanna complain
And I don't mean to scare ya, But I drink blood like Italian Marinara
On a pizza pie of death! Macaroni Western on meth
Intestines drippin' guns blazin, Psychodelic Hellraisin'
El Topo Loco tellin ya' Beware and the Rest, cuz it's bound to be a big f'n mess
Like eatin' Spaghetti on a first date...
I'll take a Machete to your neck and have your pretty head sittin' on my plate
See I've Sworn, To be completely insane since the day I was born
Like a dark Shaman walkin' round with a bowl full of ramen
Dressed like Neo from the Matrix, Doc Martens stompin', fueled with the hatred
Comin' at ya Death Proof full throttle, already on my sixteenth bottle and don't be startled
When I induce the terror... not sayin' just to scare ya, But this sick shit I planned it
Don't just want those screams, Bitch I demand it!
You can't blame me, I like this shit and thought you knew it
Live by a Demon Knight motto, If it makes ya feel good do it!
Blacked out! Like I just huffed a grocery bag full of Shoe Goo
Don't even know where I am right now, but fuck it, maybe you do?
She hands me a menu, I order dim sum, beef and broccoli
Speakin' in Old Engrish and I've been slurrin' rather slopishly
And I'm out drivin' again, gotta hit up a Thriftys
To jack me some Tic-Tacs and some more Fireball Whiskey
That's tonight medication! In an act of desperation
You can sense the anticipation, When I twist off the cap
And pour down that liquid inspiration... no hesitation
To get that sick feeling I love runnin' through my veins
I need a chemical imbalance just like a zombie needs brains!
I'm fiending like a heathen, runnin' down the street screamin'
The END IS NEAR! Motherfuckers start kneelin'
I got that... temporary insanity. Can't even talk know
Just simply mumble random profanities.

- © Erik (D[runk]ethWiz{n}rd) (2010)

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