January 29, 2011

Danzig - Dirty Black Summer

Danzig - Dirty Black Summer (CD, Digipak, Single) [1992, 1994 Re-Issue] US.

In this re-issue the case spine still shows "Def American"...
...though, the CD is their newer "American Recordings" style.

1. Dirty Black Summer (Album Version) [5:12] *
2. Bodies (Album Version) [4:24] *
3. When Death Had No Name (Previously Unreleased) [5:20] **

* From the Def American album How The Gods Kill.
** From the How The Gods Kill sessions.

42 seconds of ominous low-drowned tones, light thunder and rain... John Christ's squeeling riff begins as Chuck Biscuit's drums slowly build and creep in... Glenn and Eerie get into it and step (almost) away from the pyre, to commence rocking. So what does Dirty Black Summer [Watch the MUSIC VIDEO] remind you of? Being fifteen years old, having bonfires at the beach and just doin' whatever the hell made you feel good - things you've never done before or were just starting to experience? Perhaps you knew a girl named Summer when this song came out, and  (un)fortunately for her she just got a new nickname?

How The Gods Kill, Lucifuge and, when I got would teg hgih, 4p were non-stop in my CD player. I fell in love with 4p, for there was no denying that is just spoke to me. But Lucifuge and HTGK are what I consider to be Danzig's peak, for he, his band and Rick Rubin achieved untouchable perfection with their sound, style and content. That's not to say that I love every song on both of these records. I actually wasn't too fond of Dirty Black Summer, nor was I too much of Do You Wear The Mark, 777, or I'm The One. All four are very listenable tracks and I know that Glenn is proud of I'm the One; they just never really stuck with me, though over time I've come to appreciate them a bit more.

Bodies [Watch the MUSIC VIDEO] gives Eerie Von another time to shine, one not found in this Single's title track, and I'm glad that it's been included here since it is the best track out of the three presented. Danzig recorded WDHNN at every session from something like SamHain up until, well hell it's been so long now that he could damn well still be recording it. Even though it never seems to get added to the album, it's played at damn-near every single live show and a version is occasionally released as a B-Side somewhere. The version on this album is also on The Lost Tracks Of Danzig 2-Disc set that came out in 2007. There's also a version of the song from the first album's session.

So back to me (sorry), what do I think of this release? While I really like Bodies, none of these three tracks are particularly my favorites from the band. The Digipak looks great, but can easily scuff so be careful. I would say that this CD is for hardcore collectors only, because the one special extra track can be found all over the place, and the title & second track are album versions. All in all it's a bit weak, but I found it in the shop brand new for a lowish price back in 1995/6 so I'm pleased that I own it. You can probably find versions of this Single online for a low price still (it may not be a Digipak), but I would say just buy Danzig III and the Lost Tracks, unless you're a completest.

*EDIT* And Unholy Hell does that Bodies video kick major arse!! Truly, the Dirty Black Summer video does nothin' for me... check em' out and let me know what you think.

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