February 18, 2012

Are you watching Transformers: Prime - Season 2?

I sure as hell am! Today is "Transformers MEGA SATURDAY" on the Hub, so check your local listings if you're ready for the Season 2 Premier of Transformers: Prime, at 8:30pm Eastern Time, so drop off an hour or three depending on where you are if in the US. The hub will also being showing the Animated Movie (for those of you who don't own it already) as well as some episodes of Transformers: Rescue Bots. I'll be skipping that kiddy shit however. Here's a few previews from this upcoming episode entitled: "Orion Pax".



Promo 2 (very good promo, but lesser quality):

And, a 12 Minute first look:

Oh and don't forget that Transformers: Prime - Season 1 just came out on Blu-Ray.
I'll be picking that up sometime soon.

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