February 20, 2012

Asia Argento in Michele Soavi's The Church (1989)

Lotte, a young girl who looks strikingly similar to the girl who had died centuries later, silently makes her way into the church in the early hours of the morning. Dressed rather provocatively, she shrouds herself in a long overcoat before sneaking back into her parent's living quarters.

She of course is caught by her father who corners her and screams that her bed has not been slept in all night and that she's a sultry little tramp who's been out on the town misbehaving.

"You've been Smoking! ...and Drinking!!"
She's not... that... innocent! Or maybe her father is just a complete raving lunatic. The small glimpse we get of her family situation shows us that it's not exactly the best thing going for her at the moment. She seems to be full of life and adventure, but her parents are obviously lost souls.

One of Lotte's hobbies is studying in the church's library while listening to Madonna. The nice librarian there always enjoys her company, and on this day in particular he's become rather intrigued by her. You see, the librarian has simply gone mad after being exposed to demonic forces while researching the church's lower depths.

"Lotte. Are you listening to The Misfits?"

After requesting she open the window for him, things take a strange and uncomfortable turn.

His rapish behavior startles her, and as he beings to ask her questions in babytalk.
"You didn't go to school today. Why... did you have a tummy ache?"

"Wanna play doctor?"

Naturally... she gets the fuck out of there!
She runs to her father and tells him all the horrible things the librarian was about to do her. But daddy doesn't want to hear her terrible LIES! "The librarian is a nice man. I'll wash your mouth out with soap for speaking badly of him and lying!"

With a mouth full of soap, she struggles and looks up in the mirror, only to see that here father has the face... of a Demon! Ahhhhh... so Lotte isn't having to good of a day. I wonder if things will turn around for her.

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