February 19, 2012

Who's that Strange Girl in La Chiesa (1989)?

In medieval times, a superstitious snitch leads leads some downright unmerciful Templar Knights into a cave dwelling of some terrified "Satanic Witches" and their families, where they relentlessly slaughter the whole fucking communion. They of course dig out a huge hole in the earth and just dump the bodies in, before a so-called Priest proclaims that they must build a church on top of them to seal their Evil forever. While this has all gone on, one of the Evil Ewoks has been hiding from harm, scared and alone (except for perhaps a baby in a basket, and a duck... that totally gives the hiding spot away!)

Quack Quack and the restless Knight makes his way slowly over to the trees and bushes. Curious of course to see what Evil lurks behind this inconspicuous Wicker Mask, he draws his jousting lance and tears it away...

...to find: a young girl with a cold (apparently)!

He pauses for a moment, staring at her, while she stares back up at him. He then slowly raises his weapon, pauses for another moment, and then violently plunges it down into her helpless body.

...and then she died.
Asia Argento plays a rather prominent role in Michele Soavi's under-appreciated, 1989 masterpiece The Church (aka La Chiesa [in Italy], aka Demons 3 [in Japan]). Though her unnamed character from the family of "Witches" is murdered centuries earlier, a seemingly reborn version of herself appears once the story begins (as a naughty young thing named Lotte). More to come...

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Maynard Morrissey said...

It's hard to describe how much I adore THE CHURCH. Give me any Argento, any Fulci, any Bava - none of their movies can hold a candle to this uber-epic masterpiece. THE CHURCH is IMO the greatest Italian horror movie of all time-

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