December 20, 2011

Lust Eternal.

When you see me rising up from the motherfucking grave
The situation's severe, I must be feeling Enslaved
I got that Rotgut creeping through my entire system
Eating so many brains that I'm startin' to piss 'em
You see me outside of your window causing panic attacks
Got Demon Lust in my eyes as I start breaking the glass
Grabbing you by the hair and now I'm pulling you near me
As I Bite into your flesh your screaming shows that you Fear me!
Now you've got jugular wine running down your sweet breasts
For the infection within, you should be feeling Blessed
I wanted this forever, just to feel you Inside
I'll be a part of you ever since the day you had died

Now I'm a warm blooded motherfucker doin' shit cold
Got a Double-Edged Axe, Silver Jewelry, no gold
Gleamin' in the moonlight when I strike from behind you
I don't need to lurk in shadows Bitch I know where to find you
Street corners and back alleys lead me to my obsession
My Confession? I suffer from Demonic Possession!
Got Depression... that's why I hit up the local tavern
And pick up a new honey to drag back to my cavern
When she's tied down firm, I can work with precision
Taking time to make all of those vicious incisions
My intentions are Grim and I just can't believe Never
That you wouldn't be mine, my darling now it's Forever!

I'll caress your warm skin as I get ritualistic
Committing Black Magic Rites so motherfuckin' Sadistic
You'll be squirming in delight and letting out silent screams
And just when you think it's not at all what it seems
I'll bust out with an Amulet and Double-Edged Knife
Praising the Dark Lord, making you Satan's new wife
Now let the goat's blood flow so we can all share a cup
And remove that black gown before this Orgy erupts!

Blood... nurtures Evil's dormant seed
I travel though the dark nights with a need to feed
Watching a sweet young thing bleed is my only desire
And when I taste that first drop I feel my body on fire
See I'm the Puppet Master right now and I'm pulling the strings
I was only sixteen years young when I got my blood wings
Now I got that sinister urge and it can't be controlled
When you feel my lips upon you the sensation is cold
Your body shivers when you offer up to me your last breath
I made a promise Lust Eternal when I gave to you death

Now I'm inside you forever and that's where I'll remain
A fucked up love just like ours is beautifully insane!


- © Erik (D[runk]ethWiz{n}rd) (2010)

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