December 21, 2011

Agent Of Chaos.

Let the cards fall where they may! You wanna play? ...let's play.
Today's the day that I slay. No way you say? Motherfuckers gang way.
'Cuz I lay... Little Bitches to Rest. It's no test - the Sick Shit is comin' up next
I got stressed again, made a Mess! So Don't Change That Dial
And check out this smile, on the news programs you'll see Death for Miles
Bodies layin' in Piles while I laugh out loud, and behind you a big Fuckin' mushroom cloud! 

Now watch 'em all Panic get Manic and go Delirious, Just the way I like it Why's Everyone So Serious!?
I got a cookbook of Anarchy... and tonight's recipe is Insanity!
Serving up Death on a silver platter, and ain't no joke I'm as mad as hatter.
Brains splatter! When I hit up a Jack in a Box, that shit goes tick-tock
Opens up and tears down blocks, Leavin' motherfuckers in nothing but Orange Halloween Socks.

I get my Purple Suits tailor made out of suede, I get paid and laid not afraid, I got blades
Hidden all over my shit, Nothin' in my pockets but knives and Lint, My look's Mint 
Even got that Green Tint on the curls, Face-Paint on my Girls
Cosmetics don't sweat it, just bust out laughing, Accept it, 
Got balloons and Toys Filled with Mustard Gas when they deploy 
killing all the Little Girls and boys and on their faces you'll notice a look of Joy
That's my Signature Move right there, I'm All Class!
I'll lock you in a room made of plate glass with no Gas-mask, See, my knowledge is Vast
Concerning instruments of Doom, I'll turn an amusement park into a Burial Tomb
The Roller Coaster goes Ka-Boom! and the cart Derails
Watch the bodies fall like hale in the trails, no bail your seat belt locks fail
as you fishtail off of the Tracks, and I laugh so hard my Facepaint Cracks!

But I'm not dressed this way for Festivities, I'm out committing dangerous Activities
Got a big white grin with no Cavities, and a Three-Foot handgun causin' Casualties
And I'm burning all Currencies, It's not about money...
It's about sending a message, What, did I say something funny?
Laugh all your way to the Grave, that's my style! When I pull all the stops they all call me Vile
Beyond Redemption and there's no Exception, Do you think I planned it? It was all Deception!
Do I look like a man with a plan? Stand back and be amazed by my Sleight of Hand, I demand
Motherfucker's respect, and if they don't kick back I leave a card from my deck, that's your neck.
Kiss your life goodbye, Where's your head? In the Fuckin' Sky!

Guess the joke's on you, now isn't that Ironic...
Let me wash your death down with some Gin and Tonic
I suffer from a Chronic, Fiending for Gruesome Shit
Bring on the terror get a fuze lit and then split, slip away and watch the fireworks blast!
I think fast and laugh with a Rasp while you Gasp and Grasp for air but your last breath is Near
I can taste the Fear, Lettin' motherfuckers know The Dark Prince is here!

- © Erik (D[runk]ethWiz{n}rd) (2010)


Mister Bones said...

Did you write this? It's great.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Yeah, a while back I was bored and started working on this Demo album that was heading in the direction of a dark gothic, progressive, horrorcore rap album with ambient and psychedelic tones. Heavily horror film based pretty much with some really disgusting lyrical content.

It was a solo project just for fun that pretty much halted itself halfway through. These two dudes I hung around with, we were all doing our own projects but working together until one of them lost his fucking mind and combined motivation just went splat.

By that time we only recorded two of my friend's songs which are pretty decent but he was drunk as hell. I still got my keyboard and ideas, I just got to get a new mixing program and a little bit of equipment if I'm ever going to finish this or do anything else musical besides write lyrics.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Oh yeah, and I figured you would like this one too.

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