December 23, 2011

Like a Nightmare.

I feel the despair... Cared so much that I couldn't care
Blackout time, can't stand to be aware
It's not about what I want, it's about what's Fair!
This is my burden to Bare. When I see you girl can't help but Stare,
Wanna Tear. My nostrils Flarin' up, not gonna Share my cup
Just gonna turn it up and come outta that dark room
Stalkin all fucked up, 'bout to Upchuck my gut...

Feel stuck in this land, gotta muck my hand
The Joker's laughing at me and it's more than I can stand
This ain't the MGM Grand, more like Circus-Circus
And I'm feelin' more like John Wayne Gacy or Anthony Perkins, Circa 1978,
Lookin' at you through a hole in the wall while I masturbate in colorful face paint!
Laughin' all the way to the blood bank, that's where I Fill up
Shuffle up and Deal it up... but I can't even feel or deal
Too apathetic to even steal Emotions, just give me the shot
And strap me down before I go into Convulsions!
I'm tired of going through the motions, Wake up and slap the lotion
Hit the bottle of that magic potion, How's this for a fucked up notion?
Is it really worth it to not give a fuck? That's too much work in itself.
I should just kill myself. BLAM!

Finally...! The dealer's been dealt, and finally something I've never felt
Watch my mouth bleed and my face melt. Like I was in Slime City
or Street Trash, murdering hobos with a Sharp Femur Bone or a Whiskey Flask
Takin' it to the back alleys, Screaming In Pain!
Can't get those torturous voices out of my brain... But I must sustain.
Give me some cursed Himalayan yogurt stronger than LSD,
Some Green Wine and a Black Cloak and Let Me Become He.
So I can finally see. Is this my destiny? Should I cut up and gut up the rest of me?

Its a ritual of uneartly and selfish delights, Allow me to share my insights
But beware because my mind You See, it fights with itself
And it frightens itself. I don't even know where my mind is headed
I'm fueled by that 151 shit fuck the unleaded I'm gonna Down It
Drown in it, fuckin' get Deaded, Find a pair of legs and get 'em Spreaded
Bitch ya just got Bedded and Bledded - Beheaded - Shit got me Wetted
No Sweated, and I Fledded, into the Shadowy Dark
Wearing her face as a mask, taking a stroll through the park
Heard a dog bark and it's speakin' my language
Tellin' me "Go out cause widespread panic and anguish!"
It's the Summer of Lust and Sam I am, Fuck a master-plan...

...Just let things happen, a little anarchy to get things Crackin'
I came here for two things: To hear asses clappin' and get necks a snappin'
But instead I think I'll strangle her slow, give her that purple glow
As I whisper sweet things "baby you know that I'll never let go"
Now isn't that a beautiful sight, say I think I may nay I think I might
Adorn my furnature with your flesh and bones tonight.

- © Erik (D[runk]ethWiz{n}rd) (2010)

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