December 25, 2011

Innis and Gunn Holiday Box

Innis and Gunn Holiday Box (2011)
Brewed and Bottled by Innis And Gunn Brewing Co., in Edinburgh, Scotland. UK.
- 1 x 11.2 fl. oz. Bottle Original 6.6% ABV
- 1 x 11.2 fl. oz. Bottle Rum Cask 7.4% ABV
- 1 x 11.2 fl. oz. Bottle Winter Beer 7.4% ABV
- 1 x Branded Glass (with Company Logo)
Box Set Price: $8.99 USD

So let's check these beers out!

Innis and Gunn's Oak Aged Winter Beer 2011 (2011)
Brewed Once (Extremely Limited Release)
11.2 fl. oz. / 7.4% ABV

About: "Carefully matured for 48 days prior to release. Mellow Scottish beer with natural notes of orange zest, vanilla and oak. It is perfect for the cold dark nights of winter, a beer to be sipped, savoured and appreciated."

Thoughts: Poured a dark and hazy reddish auburn with an off-white and small puffy head.

Smells delicious. And pretty spicy, like pepper. There's that definite trademark Innis and Gunn scent. The hops really shine through, yet don't overwhelm. You can definitely smell the oak.

It's just as they describe. Orange zest and vanilla. It sure is an interesting taste I must say. A bit eye opening when it first hits you. Total flavor explosion in the mouth. The orange zest taste is actually pretty remarkable. I've eating orange peel on various occasions and it really is like that. Getting a good amount of the oak here. Loads of vanilla mixed throughout. Very nice balance with the malt backup and those flavorful hops bouncing around.

Medium and a little bit lingering.

They say this one is "mellow" and after trying the Rum and Whiskey Cask brews, yeah, it sure is mellow compared to those two. Compared to other beers though, such as standard US lagers, it is anything but.

Innis and Gunn's Original Oak Aged  Beer (2011)
Rotating (Year Round)
11.2 fl. oz. / 6.6% ABV

About: "Carefully matured for 77 days prior to release. To age our beer we use hand-cut American White Oak barrels, which retain an unbeatable richness of flavour deep inside the grain; vanilla, citrus and toffee.

The finest barrels are hand picked in Kentucky, before being heaved over to Scotland. They are then meticulously tended and checked by our coopers, before being filled with our beer. The barrels can only ever be used once. Any more and we just don't get the same delicious character from them."

Thoughts: Poured a pretty light amber orange with a one inch white fluffy head. This beer is very transparent. I can see the mirrored letters I'm typing through the looking glass. 

Smells quite strong. Vanilla and honey, and little bit of dad's old rum and cokes. The oak is really nicely embedded in this.

The oak hits first, and this beer lets loose with total flavor! Damn is it good. Very woody and there's that splendid vanilla toffee backdrop. It's like a malty caramel candy with a tingling underlying spiciness. 

It's a lighter medium that goes down moderately fizzy and quite smooth.

There's a slight buttery aftertaste which is very welcome.

Innis and Gunn's Rum Cask Oak Aged  Beer (2011)
Rotating (Year Round)
11.2 fl. oz. / 7.4% ABV
Original review HERE.

About: "Carefully matured for 57 days prior to release. Maturation in special oak barrels imparts Navy rums with the sweet, spicy character for which they are renowned."

Thoughts: Filled the glass with a dark raspberry that looks more of a light ruby red in the direct light, with a fluffy tan head that left a puddle of foam on the side. 

Smells of their original brew, only heavier, and everything is more pronounced.

Compared to their Original brew, this one is a lot sweeter thanks to that Rum Cask. In addition to their trademark style, this brew really releases a dark fruit type tone throughout. It's sweet, smokey, buttery, woody and grand.

Medium and still spicy on the tongue. Doesn't go down as smooth as their original, but pay no mind to that because it's not supposed to.

Yeah, the Rum Cask is still my favorite of theirs. Still, I've only tried three of their brews now so far and if I ever come across one I haven't tried, believe me it will be purchased on sight!

Final Thoughts: Totally unbeatable price for 33 oz. and that cool ass glass. The box is really nice quality and artistically designed very well. If you've never tried any Innis and Gunn beers, then this is the very best starting point to do so. These beers have never disappointed me, and I doubt very much that they'll disappoint you. And hell, sometimes you've got to go out and buy yourself a present when nobody else will.


Anthony1138 said...

That is a ridiculously good price. It almost seems like the store priced it wrong. I've had the Rum Cask, and didn't like it all that much. Rum flavor in a beer just isn't for me I guess.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Yeah it is. You know what else they had for $8? A single Bud or Bud Light 22 oz with an etched bottom logo mug and some beer nuts (with chocolate Santa candy bar). They just raised that to $13 though... that must be because they got a Sam Adams 22 oz Boston Lager with a 20oz shaped glass (the one I got, only bigger) for $17. I really would like those other glasses, but It's pretty much a total rip off.

Figured they'd drop the price after the holidays, but NOPE!

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