October 8, 2011

RIP David Hess

You see that look? When I think of David Hess I think of that look (Sure, immediately afterwards I think of that pissed off profile shot with the neck veins popping out and the spit flying in some poor bastard's face while he's jamming a gun up their ribcage... but that's the second image of him I see in my brain after this look). For a guy who played a guy that everyone on earth should have every reason to totally fucking hate with all their guts and wish would meet his demise, he sure could pull of that sympathetic and even morally troubled look, making you feel bad inside. F'n magic I tell you! Oh, and every time I see a picture of the dude I hear inside my head, his voice saying the words "Piss yer pants." Heh! David Hess was one of my favorite actors, and perhaps my very favorite (though I've never gone too far as to make a list of my favorite male actors). 

I was obsessed with Last House on the Left as a teen. I'm pretty sure that David's role as Krug was about 80% of the reason why too. When I first saw it I was just blown away by this guy. I fucking love this movie, and little did I know at the time, but his onscreen presence wasn't the only part of his talented contributions that make me love it so. I thought the music was seriously kick-ass (I've always been into that hippie shit). Always dug it and when I found out that he did all of those songs I said to myself, "That magnificent son of a bitch." Eventually I bought his album online from his website. Now, I'm going to say that his role as Krug isn't actually my favorite performance of his. I happen to think that he hit his best mark in Hitch-Hike! It was so deliciously Evil and Triumphant. Sure, he was pretty much still Krug in that, and Edge of the Park too... but I wouldn't have the guy any other way. Nobody could do it like David Hess. See ya soon dude.

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