October 1, 2011

To The Devil... a T-Shirt!

I ordered this long sleeve shirt from NovemberFire about two years ago. Only worn it once, but it's a thick Fruit of the Loom high quality shirt and looks damn good on me. NovemberFire specialize in one color (99% black and white) silkscreen shirts featuring all sorts of weird ass shit, but their movie shirts section really has some hidden gems amongst the bunch. Another cool thing is that you can order any of the designs on your choice of shirt, be it long sleeve, short sleeve, wifebeater, hoodie, gangta, pajama, ect. Their short sleeves even go up to 10XL...

I also had their "I SOLD MY SOUL and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" shirt with the fallen angel in despair. Have no idea where the fuck it is, but I really miss it now that I've seen the design again just now. Some of my other favorite designs from their site are the Life/Death Yin/Yang (in other), Martin, Vampira, London After Midnight, Dario Argento, and Mario Bava (films).

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