October 17, 2011

Woodstock Inn Autumn Ale Brew

Woodstock Inn Autumn Ale Brew (2011)
Brewed and Bottled by Shipyard Brewing Co., in Portland, ME for Woodstock Inn Brewery, North Woodstock, NH. USA.
Autumn Seasonal (Limited Release)
12 fl. oz /  $1.99 USD / 4.4% ABV

About: "Chestnut in overall color. Medium bodied with apple and cinnamon flavor and aroma." Uhh, nice description?

Thoughts: Three pumpkin (sorry, apple) headed ghouls in robes surrounding a cauldron of alcohol under a full moon in the blue night's sky. Fucking... awesome! Then there's the bats and the splatter effects. It screams delicious mischief in a bottle.

Very deep cherry red. Looks cool. Thick foamy head that took a few minutes to die down.

Damn this smells sweet. Candy Apples, low levels of clove and nutmeg, all mixed with cinnamon toast crunch.  Wow.

Loads of apple cinnamon, but it still tastes enough like a brew to satisfy. This malt beverage is strange, but damn is it good. Taste changes from candy apple to cinnamon rolls to bitter cider and back again. I wonder how this would fare in a higher ABV%? Wonder indeed... get on that shit Woodstock Inn. I demand a High Gravity Bomber of this!

Medium bodied and tingly. Goes down very smooth.
I'm impressed. I was weary at first when I read that it was brewed and bottled by Shipyard. And secondly, when I noticed that this isn't technically a pumpkin beer. But I'll be damned if this one isn't superior to a few other so-called pumpkin beers I've recently tried. If I ever decide to drink a pumpkin beer that isn't a pumpkin beer, this will be my choice.

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Anthony1138 said...

Interesting sounding beer. I haven't seen this one around, though the label would certainly catch my eye if. I like the candy apple idea, and the color looks amazing. Glad to hear it's better than the other Shipyard autumn offerings.

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