November 29, 2011

Skulls on Shirts! Wal-Mart keeps 'em coming.

Check this bad boy out! Muauahahahahhaha!!!1 Just another of the latest editions from that utterly wretched and delightfully horrid place known as... the Wal-Mart!

I wasn't sure at first... but I just couldn't resist it. Look at that fucker. He's a schemer! Check out that pudgy face, sinister grin and those (weakly done) hands of his: as if he's saying to himself, "Yes! Yeeeeessssssss!!" It may not be the best artwork in the world, nor the most original of designs, but damn does it do the job of looking cool as shit mister. Those sticker-bush designs go all the way down the short sleeves, across the shoulders. Oh, and it's pretty damn comfortable too.

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